Developmental Screening

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ASQ SE          ASQ SE
To complete a screening in Spanish, click here: General Development or Social-Emotional Development

A screening for Autism is also available, talk to a Parent Support Specialist to complete one today! 801-692-5322,

Why Screen?

  • To understand what milestones your children can and should be reaching as they grow.
  • To be able to better identify your children’s strengths.
  • To give you ways to talk to your doctor or other professionals about your concerns with your children.
  • To track your children’s progress over time – a simple way to “journal” their milestone achievement.
  • To give you new ideas to use in play with your children and make this time more useful in their development.

What is a Developmental Screener?

  • A tool that has been tested by researchers to ensure that its measuring developmental milestones seen in all children as they grow.
  • Questionnaires meant to be used by all parents and providers to monitor children as they grow.
  • A tool to capture patterns of development in children early, helping increase better outcomes for later life, if action is taken.

The Ages & Stages Questionnaire

  • Help Me Grow Utah uses the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for general development and social-emotional screening.
  • It is to be completed by the parent; parents are the experts of their children.

For general development, the questionnaire asks six milestone questions in five developmental areas:



Communication: abilities to communicate by comprehension (what children understand) and expression (what children can say).
Gross Motor

Gross Motor

Gross Motor: the way children use large muscle groups, like their legs and arms, to move around.
Fine Motor

Fine Motor

Fine Motor: the way children coordinate the movement of their hands and fingers.
Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: the way children play with objects to solve problems.
Personal Social

Personal Social

Personal Social: children’s abilities for self-care and interaction with other people.

Further Developmental Assesments

  • If there are any concerns on the developmental screening, your Parent Support Specialist may refer you to a local agency for a more in depth developmental assesment.

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