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Privacy Policy

Help Me Grow Utah (HMGU) provides you and your family with information and resources to help you and each of your children. HMGU provides no direct services, meaning we only answer questions, provide information, and connect you to useful resources. To best serve you, HMGU collects some personal and service information. 

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Grievance Policy

If you believe you have been discriminated against or if you disagree with the action, person, service or decision of Help Me Grow Utah, you have the right to express this grievance and request action. Help Me Grow will respond in relation to your request, typically offering to coordinate correspondence with program administration or terminate services/contact. 

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Help Me Grow Utah Data Collection

Data can tell a story. We wanted to share a look at some of the great work we've done over the past several years by displaying a portion of the data we've collected and analyzed.

A Brief History

The United Way of Utah County implemented the Help Me Grow program in 2010 because of the proven research and success of the national Help Me Grow model. This was a great fit to an already strong Information and Referral system (211) used by the United Way of Utah County.

The National Model

The Help Me Grow National Center utilizes a System Model comprised of four cooperative and interdependent components.

  • A Centralized Access Point - assists families and professionals in connecting children to community resources to help them thrive.
  • Family & Community Outreach - builds parent and provider understanding of healthy child development, services available to families in the community, and why both are important in improving child outcomes.
  • Child Health Care Provider Outreach - supports early detection and intervention efforts to aid families as concerns spotted early on can be easier to address.
  • Data Collection & Analysis - supports evaluation, identifies gaps, bolsters advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement.

Why is Data Important?

Our mission is to support parents in promoting optimal development during pregnancy and early childhood. Keeping a record of our work and reflecting on it can help us learn from our experiences and ensure we're providing quality services to the families we connect with. Please take a look at what we've accomplished!

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  • 2020


  • 2019


Our most recent in-depth evaluation was prepared by Greater Ventures, LLC, with Barbara Leavitt, MPA, Early Childhood Initiative Director, United Way of Utah County. pdfDownload the 2015 Annual Evaluation

If you have questions or are interested in seeing more data, please reach out to our Director, Kali Ottesen at